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5/1/2005 - Updates

As the long, long silence here indicates, Teddy & Anna are on hiatus. I have begun work on Episode 7 (see a rough preview) but I can't say when it will be finished.

I changed the way I create my animation with Episode 6 - using more frame-by-frame animation rather than relying on Flash's shape-tweening animation tools. This frame-by-frame technique is more labor-intensive but allows for more expressive animation, I think. The downside is that it takes much longer now to create animation. But I hope that when I finish Episode 7 the results will be worth the wait!

5/1/2005 - The Big Wheel Update

Thanks to everyone who stopped by COOL and read "The Big Wheel". There are still a few pages that need to be completed to finish up the story, which I hope to do this fall. I'll make an announcement here and on the mailing list when the story is available in its entirety to be seen "live" or purchased in print format.

Older news posts are available in the News Archives.

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Teddy & Anna Episode 6
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Teddy has a new mission, and so does Anna: grab that bear! But neither of their tasks will be easy, especially when dealing with a couple of slippery crooks like Fox and Lorre ...

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